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Jinnah College for Women


To inculcate in them a sense of competition.Co-operation.Dedication and the recognition of human and individual worth.

To channelize the creativity and enthusiansm of the students into productive and beneficial actibity.

To polish and groom the talent and potentialities of JCW students and to muld their behavior according to the values of Islam.

To create a feeling of sympathy and harmony for all.

To enable students to become respectable members of the world community.

That the brilliant students of this College will serve the nation not only as scientists and scholars bu also as consientieus citizens


The College is pledged to carry out F.A, F,Sc B,A B.Sc and B.S Economics programmes. In addition the College is regularly conducting Workshop/ Seminars / Sermons / Extension Lectures / Social Work etc.


To offer ideal opportunities of education at the intermediate and bachelor level to the children of University of Peshawar and other sister institutions on the campus as well as to the deserving and meritorious oung females across the province.

To introduce honors and masters programmes to enhance the prestige of the college and up grade the institution.

To conduct workshops and seminars for professional development of the college faculty.

To continue feeding professional development college and other departments of the university and the country with able students.

To continue to be in tough competition with prestigious institutions of the country and to keep up the credibility and the name of the institution.

To offer ideal opportunities of education in the Science and Arts disciplines to enable them to meet with challenges of professional education.

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