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All the information that you will need to apply to University of Peshawar Under Graduate programs can be found here. Feel free to contact us with any question you may still have.

Admission Procedure :

Admission to higher education not being a matter of right rather it is on the basis of merit, aptitude, and ability to benefit from a particular stream of learning and is subject to availability of academic and physical facilities and without any discrimination on account of caste, creed, colour or sex and with the exception of reservations of seats on account of belonging to a particular segment of population as may be determined by the Syndicate in each case.

Submission of Application Form for Admission :

  • Applications for admission on the prescribed form and complete in all respects, must reach the office of the Director Admissions as per announced date.
  • The candidates selected on merit are issued admission forms by the Concerned department , to be filled in.
  • A candidate may apply for admission in more than one dept; on a single form, however, admission will be offered in order of preference of the applicant and in case the applicant qualifies for admission in higher preference, he / she will not be considered for admission in the lower preference even he / she qualifies for it.

Documents To Be Attached with Admission form:

The following documents must be submitted with the completed application form:

  • Photocopies of Part I & Part II Detailed marks Certificate of the qualifying examination.
  • One passport size photograph to be stippled or pasted.
  • Domicile Certificate.

All applications must be submitted by hand so as to reach the Director Admissions on or before the last date announced for submission of applications. If any of the particular(s) given in the application for admission is found incorrect or false or fact(s) suppressed, admission shall be denied. If incorrect or false statement(s) or the suppression of fact(s) are detected after a candidate has been granted admission, admission will be cancelled and the student shall be expelled from the institute.

The selected candidates for admission must present their original documents for scrutiny before the head of institution on the announced date.

Four Years Undergraduate Programmes:

a. Specialized Programmes:

  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Environmental Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Geology
  • Electronics
  • Commerce
  • Micro-Biology

b. General Programmes( BA/BSc (2 Years):

  • Jinnah College

c. Five Years Undergraduate Programmes:

  • Pharm-D (5 years)




S.No Programmes S.No Programmes
  • Information Technology
  • Eligibility: Intermediate with Maths, F.Sc or F.Cs or D.A.E or Equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Fine Arts
  • Eligibility: FA/F.Sc. with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Bio Technology
  • Eligibility:  F.Sc (Pre-Medical) with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Pharm D. (Five Year)
  • Eligibility:  F.Sc.  (Pre-Medical)  with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Economics
  • Eligibility: Intermediate or Equivalent with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Computer Science
  • Eligibility:  F.Sc. (Pre-Engg), F.Cs, General Science with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • Business Administration (BBA (Hons))
  • Eligibility:  F.A/F.Sc. or equivalent with at least 45 % marks in aggregate
  • Geology
  • Eligibility: F.Sc. with at least 45% marks in aggregate.
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Eligibility:- F.Sc. with at least 45% marks in aggregate
  • CDPM
  • Disaster Management
  • Eligibility:F.Sc / FA(with Civics, Psychology and Economics) Inter Science/DAE/D.Com with at least 45% marks in aggregate.



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