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Master Results of Annual Examination 2012


Dear Students: The results of MA/MSc (Regular/Private Priv/Final)are not declared on one particular date. As the results are declared and softcopy is received the results are updated. The Declared Results are : History Privt.(Prev),Computer Science (Previous), Botany Previous, Archaeology Previous,Islamiyat (Reg/Privt)Previous/Final , Economics (Reg) Previous and Final/Privt. (Prev), Psychology Regular- Final, Physics Previous and Final), Social Work Regular (Final) ,Pashto (Regular) (Previous/Final), English Regular-(Previous), Urdu Reg (Previous), Maths Regular (Prev), History Privt.(Prev),International-Relations Regulr/Privt(Prev),Pashto Regulr/Privt(Prev/Final), MEd, MLibrarySci(Prev), Archaeology Reg (Final) , IR Reg (Final ) Political Science Reg (Final), Statistics Reg ( previous), Urdu (Regular)Final,Chemistry Regular(Final),International Relation Private(Final), Journalism (Final) and Urban Regional(Previous, English Private (Previous), Mathematics Reg (Final), Philosophy Reg (Final) and Political science Private (Previous,Urdu Private (Previous), History Private (Final), Economics Private (Final, English Private(Final), Political science Private (Final), Urdu Private (Final)Home Economics Private (Previous & Final) *****[Note: Any Error or Omission is subject to be rectified by the office of the Controller of Examinations, UoP.]*******

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