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Department of Mathematics


The Department of Mathematics, University of Peshawar is an institution of higher learning and research. It is one of the oldest departments of the University. Initially, it was established in 1928 in Islamia College affiliated with the University of the Punjab. The department was taken over by the University of Peshawar in 1950. The department, since its inception, has been engaged in running M.Sc. programme and has produced graduates who are serving the country in many disciplines. The department launched its M.Phil programme in 1992 whereas Ph.D. programme started in 2001. The department also started B.Sc. (Hons) two years programme in Mathematics from session 2004-2005 both in morning as well as evening shift.

The programme was revised and renamed as M.Sc. three years programme. However, more recently by the university reverted back to its two years master degree programme, discarding the three years Master degree programme.

The function of the department is:  
  • To engage in goal-oriented high-level teaching and research.
  • To promote cooperation and inter-disciplinary relation ships with other teaching and research organizations of the country and abroad.
  • To arrange conferences, seminars and refresher courses for the promotion of mathematics education and research.
  • To provide a platform to the students so that to exploit their academic potentials and teaching skills.

Mission Statement   The endeavor of the Department of Mathematics, University of Peshawar is to enhance the standard of mathematics teachings and quality of research bringing its credibility at par with the advanced countries of the world. The ultimate aim is to attain a situation where Pakistani degree holders in mathematics will be proud of their degrees.   Vision Statement To act as a leader in the advancement of Mathematics and promotion of Science and Technology in the country.

SEATS BREAKUP :- (Morning )

1. Open 37
2. Tribal 02
3. Female 02
4. Nothren areas & Chitral 01
5. University employees children 01
6. Allocation of Seats for Province including AJK 01(each)
7. Disabled 01
8. Sports 01
9. Army 01
10. Total: 50

Evening (same seat breakup) As above


Admission Criteria:-

  1. At least 45% marks in Batchelor Degree as well as in the subject of Maths-A + Maths-B

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  1. The Faculty

    The department of Mathematics was a part of the Faculty of Science till 2003. However, after restructuring of the faculties of the university the same year, it now works as a component of the newly established faculty named as “Faculty of Numerical and Physical Sciences”. It has qualified faculty with advanced degrees from USA, UK and Pakistan. The list of the faculty members along with necessary particulars is given below:




    Field of Interest



    Dr. Gulzar Ali Khan
    Ph.D.( U.K.) (Biodata)

    Professor/ Chairman

    Functional Analysis and General Topology


    Mr. Naseer Ahmad
    M.S. ( U.S.A.) (Biodata)

    Assistant Professor

    Numerical Analysis


    Syed Amanat Shah
    M.Sc. (Pesh) (Biodata)

    Assistant Professor

    Real Anslysis, Measure Theory & Integrations


    Mr. Nadeem Raza
    M.Phil (QAU, Islamabad) (Biodata)

    Assistant Professor


    Complex Analysis


    Dr. Abdul Samad
    Ph.D.(UK) (Biodata)

    Assistant Professor


    Laminar boundary-layer flow over rotating axisymmetric bodies


    Dr. Tahir Saeed Khan (Biodata) Assistant Professor Stabilizing Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM)


    Dr. Muhammad Farooq (Biodata) Assistant Professor Lanczos-type algorithms, Discrete Mathematics, Iterative methods for solving Linear Systems of Equations, PDEs, Numerical Analysis


    Dr. Akbar Zada (Biodata) Assistant Professor Dynamical Systems, Linear Differential Systems, Time Scale differential Systems, Semi group of operators


    Mr. Imran Aziz
    M.S (LUMS) (Biodata)

    Computational Mathematics, Computational Physics


    Mr. Tahir Hussain
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Biodata)


    Mr. Imran Khan
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Biodata)


    Mr. Fawad Khan
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Biodata)
    Lecturer Computational Mathematics


    Mr. Muhammad Asif
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Biodata)


    Mr. Rohul Amin
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Bioata)
    Lecturer Stability first order linear differential systems


    Mr. Haider Ali
    M.Sc ( Peshawar) (Biodata)

    The following ministerial and supporting staff is always available to assist the students and staff and to take care/run the day-to-day affairs of the office/department.





    Mr. Jehan Zeb Khan Assistant


    Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Assistant Librarian


    Mr. Imad Ul Haq Senior Lab Technician


    Mr. Shahab Aziz Junior Clerk


    Mr. Muhammad Ayub Khan Junior Clerk


    Mr. Haroot Khan Naib Qasid


    Mr. Abdul Wakeel Naib Qasid


    Mr. Zafar Khan Naib Qasid

Academic Programmes  

a. Current Programmes: 

In this highly technological world where scientific developments and invention have drastically affected our daily life, this is a high time to pursue policies leading Pakistan towards becoming a developed nation. This goal can be achieved by imparting such knowledge that can meet the challenges of the days. Mathematics which plays a vital role in the development of science and technology needs special attention. Keeping in view the recent developments in Mathematics education and latest trends taking place in research, courses of highly advanced nature leading to the degrees in the following programmes are being offered:

  • M.Sc. : Two years Programme
  • M.Phil. : At least 2 years or 4 semesters
  • Ph.D. : At least 3 years or 6 semesters

b. Future Plans :

The department intends to offer courses in the new emerging disciplines such as Business Mathematics, Industrial Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Bio-Mathematics etc. By running the present academic programmes and executing its future plans, the students passed out from the department would be able to serve in Educational institutions, Business Community, Industry and Governmental Organizations all over the country in general and those situated in N-W.F.P. in particular.

Admission to Various Academic Programmes: 

For admission criteria to various academic programmes of the department and other related information it is advised to consult the relevant prospectus published by the Directorate of Admissions, University of Peshawar each year.

For further information please contact:

Office of the Chairman

  • Department of Mathematics,
  • University of Peshawar
  • Peshawar-Pakistan. Phone: ++ 92-91-9216749 PBX: ++92-91-9216701-20 (Ext: 3034)
  • E-mail mathematics@upesh.edu.pk Fax:++92-91- 9216736
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